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The dirty duo fuck again

Thursday, January 17th, 2019

Another hot fuck session with Masie and Woody for you to enjoy guys. Masie and Woody or the dirty duo as i now like to call them just can not get enough of each other. especially Masie she just can not shut up about fucking Woodys huge dick! They head into the bedroom and slutty Masie is soon worshipping Woodys erect dick with her mouth as she does this she fondles his balls which drives him wild. Once she’s sucked his dick she climbs on and grinds that pussy on his dick, moaning and groaning and fucking him harder as her pussy becomes wetter. Woody then bends her over and gives it to her fast and furious behind before emptying his load all over her hot ass. Now guys you know you are in for a real treat when the dirty duo get together.

Masies hot kinky threesome

Wednesday, January 16th, 2019

Masie was desperate to shag Woody again and begged me to get him around so i did and he brought his friend along too! Masie couldnt care less about being introduced to Jack she just wanted to get shagged so i let them get on with it and by the look on Masie’s face all her birthdays and christmases have come at once. She was sure in big cock heaven. Masie the ever so horny slut started off by giving Jack head she sucked and got that dick as far in her throat as she could and all the time she was doing this she had Woody taking her from behind and giving her pussy a good seeing too. Jack then demanded a go so the guys switched positions and Jack finished off fucking this dirty slut hard before both guys covered her in cum.

Masie fucks my old pal Woody

Tuesday, January 15th, 2019

Masie’s always telling me how much she loves cock so i decided to surprise her and brought my good old pal Woody along to give this dirty slut a good seeing too. It was an extremely warm day so we decided to go out for a drive and soon we found a quiet spot and i let these two get down to it. Fuck me they were rampant and Masie was sure impressed by the size of Woody’s meaty dick! Masie gagged and deepthroated the huge fucker as she fucked herself. Woody then bent Masie over and gave her one hell of a fucking by the time they finished Masie was not only covered in cum nut lying in a puddle of her own juices. When we were on our own Masie informed me that was the best shag she had in a long time and came 4 times.