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Dirty sluts fucking in my dirty van

Saturday, January 19th, 2019

Guys i have got to admit i was a very happy man when Tanya and Masie stopped me in the street telling me to film them making out again so i told them to hop in the van and i drove to a secluded spot pulled up and filmed as these two made out for me once again and guys it was even hotter than the first time they made out. Tanya and Masie soon had their knickers around their ankles and their tits on display, They forgot all about me being there and they were soon at it. Fondling their tits( Masie couldnt get enough of Tanya’s huge bangers) and rubbing their pussies before fucking each other silly with massive sex toys.

Masie and Tanya Cox get it on

Friday, January 18th, 2019

Masie let slip that she loves a girl to lick and fuck her so i wasnt surprised that she brough the gorgeous Tanya Cox to our next shoot! I love a bit of girl on girl like every guy in the UK so i got the cam set up and watched as these two made out. Now these two had just come back from the pub so aswell as being horny they were slightly tipsy and we all know by now Masie is well up for it after a few glasses of wine. After dancing around my living room in their skimpy lingerie they headed into my bedroom and began to make out! Guys they went wild and got down to some seriously hot rampant girl on girl sex. Oh how i wish i could have joined them on the bed.