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Masie gets covered in hot candle wax

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2019

Theres no secret that Masie loves hot candle wax tipped over her fit naked body and i was left speechless when the kinky fucker began to act out her candle wax fetish right before my eyes. She made sure my carpets were covered ( Not that i minded a bit of spilt wax on the floor) and began to tip pouring hot wax over her naked body, first the wax dribbled down her tits and ran down her tummy, Masie moaned and groaned as she tipped more wax over herself at one point i thought she was going to orgasm. Masie then bends over and wriggles her hot ass then tips more wax over her sexy bum letting it dribble onto her pubes, she then rubs it in with her fingers before finger fucking herself and cumming over and over again.

Pegging her tits and hairy fanny

Sunday, January 20th, 2019

These sexy fantasies and fetishes just keep coming and every one is even hotter than the first. This shoot was all about Masie and her peg fetish, Masie just can not get enough of pegs clamped on her nipples and clit and has to give me a demonstration and being the gentleman that i am happy obliged to watch her lol. A naked and hot Masie took out my missus’s pegs from the drawer and began to peg her nipples before moving down to her bush.Her clit and pubes were pegged in no time and Masie began to rub one off!